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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path – and leave an ale.”
– Apologies to Ralph Waldo Emerson

Importing Belgian beer keeps us forever young.

This marks Vanberg & DeWulf’s 30th year importing specialty beers from Belgium and Northern France. As always, all the beers we represent come from independent, family-run breweries committed to traditional methods of production. In the face of consolidation and mass marketing, the very survival of these breweries as independent enterprises has depended in no small part on their ability to develop a following in export markets. Thank you. For you have helped to perpetuate a spectacular brewing culture.

For centuries, this region has been the richest repository of gastronomic beers in the world. When we began importing in 1982, Belgian beers were virtually unknown in the United States, and American micro-brewing was in its infancy. Today the U.S. is indisputably the most vibrant, raucous exciting brewing culture in the world. Among American cognoscenti, Belgian beers are rightly revered and widely imitated. If you would like to know why, or if you would like to help contribute to their continued vitality, you have come to the right place.

We are proud of the role we have played in raising the standard of beer connoisseurship in this country – as founders of Brewery Ommegang, and as pioneers in the artisan beer movement.

This revolution has taken place one citizen at a time. The longer we are at this, the more we appreciate how much we have been helped by people who sympathize with our mission and love these rare beers. Your comradeship, encouragement and patronage are the real rewards of this occupation.

Please peruse these pages to better acquaint yourselves with the beers of Brasserie Dupont, Brouwerij Slaghmuylder, Brasserie Dubuisson, Brasserie Castelain, Brouwerij Dilewyns, Birra Amiata, Geuzestekkerij DeCam, new creations devised with The Scheldt Brouwerij (Hop Ruiter) and Brasserie DeTroch (Lambrucha tm) as well as new Special Selections in our “Vanberg et Famille” Lambickx™ collection. And by all means, we hope you will seek these classic brews out in a café or store near you and spread the word among your friends.

Don Feinberg & Wendy Littlefield

“Omnium gallorum optimum cervisiam coqunt Belgae” (Of all Gauls, the best brewers are the Belgians)

– Julius Caesar