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Brasserie Dupont




The Dupont brewery was established in 1844 in Tourpes, Belgium on land that was formerly part of a Benedictine abbey. In 1920, Louis Dupont’s father bought the small farm and brewery, which is now run by Master Brewer Olivier Dedeycker, a fourth generation member of the Dupont family. It is the most admired and imitated Saison in the world and has been named the “Best Beer in the World.”

Brasserie Dubuisson



Dubuisson has been brewing continuously since 1769—before Belgium was a country and even longer than the famous Trappist breweries. The brewery is run by Hugues Dubuisson, the eighth-generation family member to direct the business. Hugues has mastered the craft of brewing, which his family has dedicated themselves to perfecting over decades.


Special Selections



The TBS Special Selections highlight a small offering of unique and uncommon beers that reflect the special genius of European brewing. These unrivaled beers are created to showcase the unique flavors, fermentation, aging processes and artisan ingredients that make up the cornerstones of Belgian brewing techniques. Created by some of the most celebrated and honored breweries in the world, these beers are made in small batches and often only brewed only once a year—making them extremely rare and collectible.


Brewery Dilewyns



As the fastest-growing new brewery in Belgium, you’d never guess Brewery Dilewyns’ success could be attributed to a local dentist winning a homebrew contest. Taking a leap of faith and investing the family fortune, Vincent Dilewyns recruited his daughters to open the brewery in 2011. At only twenty seven and the youngest brewer in Belgium, Anne-Catherine brews her father’s recipes and was named one of three female rising star brewers in the world.


Brasserie Castelain



One of the most celebrated breweries in French Flanders, Castelain is an artisan independent brewer best known for producing beers in the exquisite Bière de Garde style. Castelain is a leader in sustainable brewing, and has made major investments to reduce water and energy use at the brewery. Still fed by artisan well water, Castelain produces a collection of beers that ranges in style and flavor, with a focus on using local ingredients.

Borg Brugghús


An offshoot of one of Iceland’s oldest breweries, Borg Brugghús was founded in order to allow the staff’s talents and creativity to flourish in the nation’s quickly expanding beer culture. With a collection composed of a wide variety of impressive and interesting beers, we’re proud to offer a small selection of the best that Borg Brugghús has to offer.



Brewery Ölvisholt



Brewery Ölvisholt, located in the south of the island on a wild and lonely heath facing an active volcano that has been a dairy farm for over a thousand years. After being inherited from his parents by Jon Gunnlauggson, a talented farmstead brewer, it was transformed into a brewery in 2008. The brewery sits below the active volcano Hekla, which is visible from the brew house door. Hekla is the inspiration for the brewery’s most well known beer, Lava, named in honor of the volcano’s occasional eruptions, which are visible from the Ölvisholt farm.