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Borg Brugghús

icelandWe’d like to introduce our newest Brewery from Iceland, Borg Brugghús, which means “City Brewery.”

Egil Skallagrímsson is probably the single most famous Viking of all time. He was born in 910 and his parents soon saw that he was a person who would have a great impact on his country, though his parents were divided about whether it would be for good or evil. He was high-spirited, stubborn and not the most handsome of men. He left at a young age on many successful Viking voyages with his brother Thorolf, and when he returned to Iceland he was made chief.

Egil was a great lover of mead and there are many stories detailing his penchant for drinking. He always a appreciated a good nip of liquor, and would no doubt have liked the ambitious beers of Borg Brugghús. It is therefore appropriate that the brewery bears the name of this warrior and poet.

Brewery Egill Skallagrímsson was founded in 1913 and today employs many world-class champions and has won numerous awards for its beer. To allow the staff’s talents and creativity to flourish in full, it was decided that they would open Borg Brugghús, which intends to improve the beer culture in Iceland. It will offer a wide variety of beers which will be constantly evolving.

Find out more about these beers and Borg Brugghus here!

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