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Vicaris Tripel-Gueuze




  Belgian Family Owned

  Suitable for Cellaring





Case, 6 x 75 cl (25.4 fl oz), cork finished
30 Liter Key Keg

The origin of the celebrated Vicaris Tripel & Girardin Gueuze is delightfully serendipitous. At the Zythos Craft Beer Festival in Sint Niklaas, the Dilewyn’s booth happened to be right next to that of the Girardin Brewery, which makes some of the finest Lambics in Belgium. While tasting each other’s wares, they accidentally ended up with a mélange of Vicaris Tripel and Girardin Gueuze in a glass. This combination proved to be so delicious that Vincent Dilewyns decided he had to make it an official beer. You have not tasted anything like this before! One plus one equals 1000!

One of the most delicious and innovative uses of Lambic in Belgium today. A richly sweet, almost honeyed Tripel made dry and crisp with a complex tannic character by perfectly balanced blending with Gueuze. It’s been a huge hit at the Zythos Festival in Belgium. Available in 30 liter key kegs and 6×75 cl cases. Vicaris and the dynamic young founder, Anne Catherine Dilewyns are featured in the summer issue of Saveur (along with Wendy).

More Praise

Vicaris Tripel Gueuze has been named one of the “100 Beers to Try Before You Die” by Chris Schonberger at Complex Media’s site First We Feast. We are honored that 12 Vanberg & DeWulf made the coveted list:

“Anne-Catherine Dilewyns is celebrated as one of a handful of rising star women brewers on the planet, and she’s only 25! This is a category-bending new beer from one of Belgium’s finest. Dilewyns’s beers are never filtered and have a lovely chewy quality.”

In the words of Joris Pattyn, one of Belgium’s top reviewers:

“[Vicaris Tripel-Gueze has a] Huge, just yellowish head, fed by fine carbonation in bright yellow beer with orange haze, quite persistent at that. Lemony lambic nose with some spicy notes; grain, wheat and lemon balm. Probably some white candi sugar. Dry, with bit of Brett, lactic acid flavor, citrus (mainly lemon but also possible lime zest) and wheat. There’s another fruity streak there, that is indeed reminiscent of (not quite ripe) peaches. Bitter back throat. Very spritzy, slick, medium-bodied. Nice try, very satisfying beer.”