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Dubuisson been brewing continuously since 1769—before Belgium was a country and longer than the Trappist breweries. Dubuisson is a shining example of the civic brewer and proud protector of the tradition. Hugues Dubuisson is the eighth- generation family member to direct the business, which is thriving. U.S. sales increased at twice the rate of the dynamic domestic craft beer rate. Both Peche Mel and Scaldis earned Gold medals in World Beer Championships  this past year. Prestige has maintained perfect 100s on RateBeer.

Dubuisson is in the hamlet of Pipaix, just outside Tournai and in the heart of French-speaking Wallonia. The province where Scaldis is brewed is called Hainaut. The word means “land of groves” and indeed it is the richest agricultural province in Belgium.


Jim Galligan of the Today Show recently published a superb review of Scaldis Prestige de Nuits:

“Prestige de Nuits pours a deep amber red with a lovely cream-colored head. The beer we sampled had lots of small dregs floating about the glass, but it had recently been in John’s car, so things were stirred up a bit.  This wouldn’t have been an issue if we had let sit for a while before opening, but none of us wanted to wait. Can you blame us?

The nose is a bit sneaky on Prestige de Nuits, as it reveals only a small part of the beer’s true character. You get a bit of the Burgundy from the barrel, as well as some cherries, a waft of toffee and hint of alcohol, but it doesn’t really prepare you for the rush of flavors that follow.

Take a sip and this beer makes an immediate impression on your palate. The flavor starts off very vinous and slightly sour, evocative of port wine and dark dried fruits. These wine-like characteristics give way to richer notes of chocolate and cherries, with a little oaky vanilla and just a hint of spice dancing in the background. Trust me, your toes will curl in pleasure. As this rich middle recedes, you’re treated to a sweet and dry finish, with flavors of red raspberries and slightly tart grapes. Prestige de Nuits warms your chest as it goes down, but you wouldn’t guess this beer is 13% alcohol by volume, as the booziness is very well masked.

A good beer will have a beginning, a middle and an end that all flow in harmony and offer distinct, individual pleasures. A truly special beer will provide an odyssey of flavor, with each part of its taste being a journey onto itself.  Prestige de Nuits falls into the latter category – it is a truly remarkable fermented beverage, one to be savored.”

Excerpted from the Today Show, read entire review here


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Cuvee des Trolls

Peche Mel

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Scaldis Prestige de Nuits

Scaldis Noel

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