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Moinette Blonde


  Belgian Family Owned

  Suitable for Cellaring


Moinette Blonde
96- Platinum Medal, Beverage Testing Institute

“Pure golden hue. Fruity, spicy nose. Full bodied, very fruity and complex, with sweet, chewy, caramelized pale malt. Finishes with minimal hop bitterness and a slightly viscous quality. Warming, rich, and exceptionally enjoyable.”


Case, 24 x 33 cl (11.2 fl oz)
Case, 12 x 75 cl (25.4 fl oz), cork finished
Keg, 20 liter

In Belgium this is the best seller from the Dupont Brewery. Though Saison Dupont is better known in this country, Moinette Blonde and Brune are rapidly gaining followings among beer aficionados. Moinette has an herbal bouquet, ginger, pear and spice notes. Full and round with a fruity finish and snappy hop bitterness.

Great with food!

  • Smoked duck cheddar and potato dumplings with Moinette Blonde sauce
  • Sea bass filet with anchovies and olives
  • Crispy shrimp with Moinette Remoulade sauce
“Insane head retention leaves an incredible Brussels lace all the way down the glass, hazy hay yellow hue show this brew is in the raw. Smell: spicy, yeasty, fruity, lively and very aromatic at that. Rustic with hints of coriander and black pepper like phenols. What a wild nose! Finishes with a cloudy mélange of a rustic dryness of flavors in the beginning. A killer Saison, the dreamy flavor nearly numbs the senses of the taste buds. A prize brew…and one I will make sure to have around.”

—Jason Alstrom, Beer Advocate founder