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Monk’s Stout

Monk's Stout



Case, 6 x 75 cl (25.4 fl oz)


Dark, dry and quenching, Monk’s Stout is an unexpected companion alongside BBQ chicken and meats and tomato sauces, and with roasted pork dishes.

“A perfect summer beer.”—Brewed for Thought

Monk’s Stout is a recreation of a beer brewed by Dupont originally in the 1950’s.  Reintroduced to the collection in 2011, it is the first true Belgian interpretation of a Stout—not a recreation of a style. Unlike more traditional stouts that are characterized by gentler malt flavors or sweet lactose notes, this black beer is defined by its dry and bitter taste. The use of roasted malts imparts a strong taste of coffee and chocolate, and the aroma of hops remains noticeable. It is light on the tongue—like strong iced espresso—and finishes with deep roasted malt that is both bracing and refreshing. Dark, dry and quenching, Monk’s Stout is sure to become a classic.