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Posca Rustica

Posca Rustica



Case, 12 x 75 cl (25.4 fl oz), cork finished
Keg, 20 liter


Discover what beer tasted like when Belgium was ruled by the Roman Empire. Omni-food friendly, this dry beer pairs with almost any type of cuisine.

“A history lesson in a bottle.”—NPR

Developed by Dupont in 1983 for a museum near the brewery that specializes in reproducing authentic pre-historic structures, the recipe for Posca Rustica is based on extensive research of recipes from the Gallo-Roman era. An exotic and highly spiced Gruit, it contains an old-fashioned herb blend in place of hops that includes rare botanicals like sweet woodruff and bog myrtle, among ten other select spices. It has a slightly hazy appearance from the combination of barley malt and wheat malt, and the aroma is a blend of floral and bright spice notes. Posca Rustica has a unique and unusual character that increases over time due to its second fermentation from bottle conditioning. Taste it and discover what beer tasted like when Belgium was ruled by the Roman Empire.

Awards & Accolades:

98 score on

Named a “Great Beer to Give for the Holidays” by Draft Magazine

Named one of the “100 Beers to Try Before You Die” by Complex Media

Named one of the “50 Best Craft Beers” by GQ

Named a “Seasonal Favorite” by NPR