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Brewery Slagmuylder is the last surviving brewery in a town that formerly had thirty. The brewery stands on the grounds of the original Abbey of Ninove and boasts its own small museum. It is a delight to tour while you sample the brewery’s delicious ales—justly famous for the unique light- bodied and aromatic interpretations of the Belgian abbey style.

Slaghmuylder makes the only beer brewed by a layman ever permitted to use the “Trappist” designation on the label. Today the handsome 150-year-old brewery is overseen by three cousins who are descendants of the founder Emmanuel Slaghmuylder, a grain merchant turned brewer. The Slaghmuylder cousins brew Witkap Stimulo (the formerly “Trappist” beer) according to a recipe first developed at the Drie Linden brewery (in nearby Brasschaat). The

Slaghmuylders took over Drie Linden in 1981. The brewer there, Henrick Verlinden, was instrumental in developing many celebrated beers for Trappist monasteries. Verlinden was so beloved by the Brothers, and his contributions were so valued, that they conferred on him a special honor. For the duration of his life, his Witkap beers (made at his own brewery) would be allowed to carry the “Trappistenbier” (Trappist Beer) designation. Witkap refers to the cowl worn by the Cistercians. The brewer at Slaghmuylder is the young passionate Karel Goddeau who is also associated with the Lambic brewery, De Cam. Slaghmuylder is one of the very last breweries in Belgium to use whole flower hops in their brews.

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Witkap Pater Stimulo


Witkap Pater Tripel

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