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Vanberg & DeWulf Special Selections

We started as importers,  then became brewers (we created Ommegang). Now in addition to straight up importing, we’re commissioning beers to be made based on flavors that reflect the special genius of Belgian brewing, and bringing back flavors the market has forgotten—creating beers that showcase the unrivaled Belgian talents for unique flavors, fermentation, aging and ingredients. We work in cooperation with promising Belgian brewers to give them new ways to exercise that talent and to grow with the benefit of our understanding of their brewing culture and our market. We find ways to present traditional beers in a new light. In other words we are always in a state of translation.

Our Special Selections are getting plenty of recognition. Lambrucha was named “Experimental Beer of the Year” in the U.S. Open of Beer. Esquire named it “one of the world’s healthiest beers. Time Out called Lambrucha a Top 100 Taste of 2011. Hop Ruiter took the GOLD medal in U.S. Open of Beer, and the World Beer Championships and took top honors at a major competition in Belgium. What single malt is to blended whiskey, and chardonnay is to champagne, Lambickx is to Gueuze. We act as negociants, buying stocks from casks of our choosing for special blending.

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Hop Ruiter