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Special Selections


The TBS Special Selections highlight a small offering of unique and uncommon beers that reflect the special genius of European brewing. These unrivaled beers are created to showcase the unique flavors, fermentation, aging processes and artisan ingredients that make up the cornerstones of Belgian brewing techniques. Created by some of the most celebrated and honored breweries in the world, these beers are made in small batches and often only brewed only once a year—making them extremely rare and collectible.


Included in this collection are a handful of unique Lambics, truly the “wines” of the beer world. Unlike conventional beers—fermented by cultivated strains of yeast—Lambic is produced by spontaneous fermentation. The beer is exposed to the wild yeast and bacteria native to the Zenne Valley in Brussels, known for producing the world’s best Lambics. It is this unusual process that gives the beer its distinctive flavor—dry, vinous and a sour aftertaste. Developing their flavor from strains of yeast found only in this region, these beers truly represent the “goût de tonneau” (or “taste of the barrel”) from each brewery. Blending Lambic is an art, and independent Geuzestekkerij (blenders) often buy young Lambic to age and bottle under their own name. The Lambickx™ brand of hand-selected and blended Lambics are made from casks personally chosen for their complexity, brilliance and unique taste.