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Getting the Word Out

Our PR machine is as ready to party as you are!  Keep up with the latest Coast to Coast Toast news and spread word of your Belgian beer bash in three easy steps:

1.  RSVP on Eventbrite

Please sign up on this Eventbrite page so that the general public knows you are part of the illustrious coterie of Vanberg & DeWulf Coast to Coast Hosts and so we know to send you regular updates between now and mid-November to help you organize, promote, and receive credit for the amazing work you are doing.

2.  Like Us on Facebook

Our fans love hearing about great places to find good beer, so like us on Facebook so we can give you a shoutout!

3.  Sign Up on Foursquare

Make sure beer aficionados can find your business by signing up on Foursquare. We are working with our Sponsors of the Coast to Coast Toast, to make sure that your patrons can check into your establishment AND your beers. There are innumerable benefits associated with signing up for and at the Coast to Coast Toast. One of them will even involve a drawing for free trips to Belgium, stay tuned!

More ways to get the word out

Local Media

We’re making this easy-peasy. Let local media know that you’re hosting an event by using our handy dandy press release. Make sure to fill in your details wherever you see red type, and you can send it along to all of your local media outlets to spread the word about the bash you are planning.

Social Media

Who doesn’t love free advertising? We have assembled some of our favorite social media walkthroughs to help you use Facebook, Twitter, and Eventbrite to promote your party:


Use your Facebook page to invite friends, Romans, and countrymen.  Follow Facebook’s guide on “How to Create and Manage Events.”


Think of Twitter as a cocktail party, a more public forum than Facebook that will let others (who aren’t necessarily your Facebook friends) engage in conversation with you and your event.

Don’t have a Twitter account?  Sign up for one at – here are step-by-step instructions if you need help.

Then, follow us (more info on how to follow people), engage your patrons, and spread the word with the hashtag #C2CT.  Not sure what a hashtag is?  Check out Twitter’s hashtag FAQ.


Who’s coming to your party?  Create a digital RSVP list with Eventbrite. Check out EventBrite’s help section for step-by-step instructions on event creation and beyond.