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Cooking with/for Beer

As a thank you to you, our dear Coast-to-Coast Toast Hosts, we’ve compiled an online leaflet of best loved classics. These are cozy homey recipes made with and/or meant to pair with our beers. We made these dishes for our family and friends throughout our the years in New York, Cooperstown, Chicago and Belgium.

Please, go ahead and try them out for your restaurant menus. We think you are just as likely to want to make them at home.


Vanberg & DeWulf’s Belgian Beer Cocktails

Last summer, we were surprised and delighted when Adam Seger, a leading light of mixology in Chicago, and the creator of HUM, invited us to take part in the first ever beer cocktail seminar at Tales of the Cocktail®, the World’s premiere cocktail festival.  In the words of the festival organizers:

“Beer is the most chemically complex alcoholic beverage in the world and top mixologists around the globe are discovering not only the flavor complexity it adds to a cocktail, but also the magic of its effervescence with elevating aromas and the unique texture it adds to a cocktail.

A properly made beertail starts with an exceptionally balanced cocktail onto which an appropriate beer is floated on top. The brew not only pulls the aroma of the cocktail beneath ‘up’ with its effervescence, but also compliments and contrasts with the cocktail to create a unique ‘beertail’. The lucky drinker tastes the beer with the first few sips, but with the subtle aroma of the cocktail. Then the middle of the drink is the beer and cocktail together on the palate. Because the beer floats, the final tastes are the cocktail on its own.”

Tantalized yet?  Click here for beer-tail recipes.